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Episode 25 – Join In As Mike Driggers & Brandon Hintz Talk With Dennis G Shaver On In The Now

Dennis G Shaver is an American Entrepreneur, Amazon International Best-Selling Author, Coach, Trainer, Speaker and a former Fortune 500 leader. Dennis specializes in empowering entrepreneurial leadership in corporations, education, established businesses, startups and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Dennis began his career as an entrepreneur at age 5 on the large family dairy farm alongside his 6 brothers. Dennis’s father taught the 7 brothers as a team how to be creative and innovative to effectively “MacGyver” things to keep equipment working properly. After graduating from high school, Dennis was hired as an hourly manufacturing employee at General Motors Corp. After receiving his first degree in business, Dennis was promoted to several GM divisions in various management capacities. Dennis also held key leadership positions at PepsiCo/Frito-Lay, A.O. Smith Corporation and The Clorox Corporation in; Engineering, Manufacturing, R&D, Business Development, Human Resources, and Organizational Development. Dennis also served as Founder and President for several successful entrepreneurial business startups.

Dennis’s passion and true north are empowering others to become a Conduit to their Entrepreneurial Can-Do-It.

Dennis is the author of the book The Entrepreneurial Incubator, “Getting your idea from Mind to Market”. Shaver helps avoid costly errors by first aligning aspiring inventors’ mindsets for success. From there, he outlines the Essential Steps and Fundamental Resources in the form of a method aspiring inventors can use to reach their full entrepreneurial potential.
Dennis is known for his experienced-based common sense in being practical yet ‘stir a group’, to bring out the best in empowering people to become a conduit to their can-do-it. Dennis speaks on a variety of topics one of which is “Entrepreneurial Influence”; “Connecting the Dots from Kindergarten to CEO”. Shifting our Mindset to Entrepreneurial thinking; empowering creativity, innovation, and being resourceful for social and economic change paves the path to get ideas from mind to market, to profit.  Dennis appreciates, and shares with listeners, that leadership is not about tenure nor position. Leadership is a Mindset. “If it is to be, it really starts with me”. It’s about empowerment, moment-to-moment choices and effectively leading others to effectively lead themselves. Dennis helps you identify a custom strategy to shift your mindset for increased capacity, growth and transformation in reaching your full potential. His fusion of real-life experiences, his conversational techniques and heartfelt zest for life connect with his clients and audiences at an intimate, intense and individual level.

Dennis chooses a lifestyle that keeps him healthy and young at heart. As a six-time marathon runner and two-time 100-mile run pacer, he believes a healthy body and healthy mind go hand and hand.
These attributes have been the fuel and hallmarks evolving Dennis’s career in helping people make the rest of their life, the best of their life.

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