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Come Partner With Us And Become A Business To Business High Impact Coach!

Are You Ready to BECOME A BUSINESS Coach?

Becoming a business coach is an incredible way for you to help struggling businesses grow and prosper while creating personal income and living the desired lifestyle in the same process.

If you like helping others our certification program takes you from untrained to fully equipped expert positioning status. The High impact Coaching Business to Business Program is a true plug-n-play business in a box that is completely white-labeled to you as a business to business coach.

Imagine for a moment that you are Batman or Batwomen and we are Al in the Bat cave providing you with ongoing training & mentorship, a white-labeled eLearning academy with over a 197 offline and online marketing videos with the best practices, customized roadmap for each client, group coaching webinars 2 times a week on your behalf, proprietary software that does a full soft and complete audit for business, a coaching website branded to you with lead generation and product sales, 2 ghostwritten books authored by you, an Infrastructure, resources, contracts, marketing materials, tools, team, partners and 7 impactful lead generation tactic that attract and close clients easily.

Let us send you our guided tour that’ll outline our proven step-by-step process of how we’ll get your Six-Figure Business Coaching Practice up off the ground.

We’re Going To Train Hand-Selected Business Coaches On A Proven And Tested Results-Based Program YOU Will Use From This Point Forward To Sign Up ALL The
Coaching Clients, YOU Can Handle

Here’s the situation… we’ve trained 100’s of coaches for a LONG time and we rub shoulders with several of ‘the highest-paid coaches and consultants ‘in the industry on a regular basis.

Over the past several years, we’ve been able to piece together a highly successful process for SYSTEMATICALLY closing $10,000 to $50,000 coaching clients on the spot.

We’ve been working in the trenches over the past 12 months with one of the top ‘turnkey marketing experts’ in the world.

Together, we’ve developed a new results-based program and what this means for you is that will teach you how to break into the highly paid business coaching profession with EXACTLY how to…

  • Find, engage, and close HIGH dollar coaching clients
  • Coach their new clients so they see immediate financial results
  • Retain those new clients for years… NOT just months!

We’ve just completed our beta test training program with 15 brand new coaches… and those coaches insist this new results-based approach has totally changed the face of business coaching forever.

We’re now providing this exclusive, proprietary training program to a select number of new coaches… and at our COST.

However, due to the personal training and one-on-one attention this course provides, we must restrict access to just a few participants at a time ONLY.

Make No Bones About It…

This Is A Highly ADVANCED Coaches Sales Training That Is Specifically Designed For New Or Struggling Coaches.

If you’re new to the business coaching profession… or you’re considering business coaching as a career, or maybe you have been coaching for a year or so and have been struggling then this world-class training will enable you to hit the ground running fast, position you as an Instant Authority and propel you into the top tier of highly paid business coaches.

So If you seriously want to learn how to sign high end coaching clients… get paid EVERY last cent of that agreement… retain the client for longer than you ever thought possible… and have everyone smiling the whole way through… then I’m going to recommend HIGHLY that you immediately apply for exclusive acceptance into this life-altering program.

When your part of the program we will Provide tools like the Profit AccelerationSoftware™ 2.0 (PAS 2.0) 

This revolutionary new business coaching software will find any business owner $100,000 in 45 minutes without them spending an extra dollar on marketing or advertising.

Business coaches often struggle with 3 major issues to build a financially successful business coaching practice.

These are the questions we often hear:

1.  How do I generate small business leads? 

2. How do I convert the leads into high-paying clients?

3. When I get a new coaching client, how do I provide them FAST financial results so they can pay my high-end coaching fees and stay a client for years? Profit Acceleration Software solves these 3 issues for you. Forever. 

Remember we’re only accepting applications for just a few new coaches;

Let us send you our guided tour that’ll outline our proven step-by-step process of how we’ll get your Six-Figure Business Coaching Practice up off the ground.

Applying does NOT guarantee acceptance… but the quicker you get your application in the greater chance you have of being selected to this elite field.

Please apply only if you fit the following criteria:

  1. If You are coachable and open-minded and ready to grow
  2. You make hard decisions quickly and confidently (ALL successful coaches do)
  3. You would rank yourself 7 out of 10 or higher in business, marketing or sales environment
  4. You’re an action taker and will follow through on the system provided
  5. You’re a self-starter and confident in your own skills and abilities
  6. Your Passionate about helping others grow
  7. You like help closing clients
  8. You would like ongoing mentorship … Then this is for you.

This program will 100% sell out so you must apply QUICKLY if you want to be considered. The class size will be held too strictly 20 attendees every 90days to ensure everyone receives proper instruction. Because of the demand so for this program, it sells out quickly.

To launch your new coaching career to another planet… and significantly improve your lifestyle click the link below to take our guided tour;

Let us send you our guided tour that’ll outline our proven step-by-step process of how we’ll get your Six-Figure Business Coaching Practice up off the ground.

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