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What Does Mike Driggers Speak About?

All programs are based upon cultivating an outstanding mindset that serves as the foundation for each session moving forward. Program participants become equipped with practical tools, strategies, and solutions that will help them in their respective roles. For these topics (and others within Mike’s area of expertise), Mike can customize presentations specifically for your audience. Mike can also deliver his valuable messages in a wide range of formats – from a 60-minute keynote for 10,000 conference attendees to a three-day, hands-on workshop for 15-300 people.

Available For:

General & Breakout Sessions
Workshops & Seminars
Panel Discussions
Corporate & Academic Training Programs
Executive Coaching & Consulting

Nothing In LEADERSHIP Starts Until YOU Start (60 – 90 min)

To be an effective leader YOU must first be the leader of YOU. Your audience will make decisions and learn with Mike’s strategies on how to become an effective leader, high achiever and lead others to great heights in business and in their personal life.

Actionable Outcomes include:

  • Activities and Practices That Improve the Strengths and Performance of A Group
  • Lead Without Panic During a Crisis and Minimize Conflict Among Team Members
  • Increase Self-Awareness and Build A Collaborative Team Environment
  • The One Factor That’s Separates the Leaders from The Followers
  • Traits That Inspire, Motivate, and Build Loyalty
  • Be an Inspirational Leader and Set a Standard for Excellence
  • Empower Team Members to Discover and Develop Strengths
  • And much much more…

Help your audience position themselves as “Nothing In Leadership Starts Until YOU Start”. Don’t hesitate any longer, harness the power of Your True Authority by Booking Mike for your event by calling 1-866-7BOOKME (26-6563) or filling out the form below…

Nothing In ENTREPRENEURSHIP Starts Until YOU Start (60 – 90 min )

Entrepreneurial Success Starts with YOU. Embrace Your Inner Entrepreneur Transform your mindset to achieve entrepreneurial success. Mike shows your audience the different step by step systems to achieving entrepreneurial success. One of the very first principles that Mike teaches is that business success requires first belief. The chances that a business will succeed are quite small. According to Forbes, 8 out of 10 businesses are not going to make it within the first year or so. That is a staggering statistic. The reasons are many, but one of the major reason could be that entrepreneurs don’t have a solid systems in place both in business and n the mind. Because of this, they are not sure that their concept is going to work or know where to turn.

Mike shows entrepreneurs around the world how to make success a habit through developing internal and external systems. People always talk about the habits of the truly successful, but the truth is that the only habits they have in common are working hard on achieving success through proper systems.

Mike’s programs will Show Your audience The systems that Successful Entrepreneurs Use So they Can Accomplish All their Business Goals.

Actionable Outcomes include:

  • How to get into the right “success” mindset
  • The Art of the 1099 Attitude vs W2 Mindset
  • How to find your field of success
  • Find your competitive edge
  • The truth about goal setting! (Ps. It’s not what you think!)
  • How to find the right opportunities
  • How to develop Intrapreneurship program for your company and in your employees
  • How to position you as the authority in your niche
  • How to identify business prospects that will sell
  • How to identify your ideal Avatar for maximum profits
  • How to identify the fastest ways to cash
  • How to identify up sales and down sales for hot buyers
  • How to formulate a persuasive internet and social marketing plan
  • Identifying strategic internal and external marketing strategies
  • Generate Word of Mouth in Six Steps
  • Identifying the risks and countering them
  • How to formulate a business plan
  • Position Yourself as an Instant Authority Over Your Competitors
  • Learn from your failures and how they are stepping stones to success
  • How to run your business in 90 day blitz to stay on course
  • Coming up with a marketing plan
  • Creating a B.A.M (Be Always Marketing) systems
  • Why it’s crucial that you give back
  • How to guard your time effectively from those who don’t deserve it!
  • And much much more…

Help your audience position themselves as “Nothing In Entrepreneurship Starts Until YOU Start”. Don’t hesitate any longer, harness the power of Your True Authority by Booking Mike for your event by calling 1-866-7BOOKME (26-6563) or filling out the form below…

Nothing In LIFE Starts Until YOU Start (60 – 90 min )

Thoughts control your outcome in life. Being successful in life is something that can happen for anyone and it starts with YOU. The key to success in business or in your personal life is having the right state of mind The right Attitude. Mike’s step-by-step blueprint in achieving everything you ever wanted in life will definitely create the pathway to your success.

Actionable Outcomes Include:

  • Developing Actions That Support a Strong Mindset
  • The Right Attitudes for Success
  • Use Fears and Adversity to Drive You To Achieve Success
  • How To Use Failure As Stepping Stones to Success
  • Gain A Greater Sense of Achievement
  • Actionable Blueprint for Your Journey
  • Increased Inspiration, Motivation, and Empowerment
  • And much much more…

Help your audience position themselves as “Nothing In Life Starts Until YOU Start”. Don’t hesitate any longer, harness the power of Your True Authority by Booking Mike for your event by calling 1-866-7BOOKME (26-6563) or filling out the form below…

College Keynote Speeches & Programs

The Top 10 Reasons Why Mike Driggers is a Perfect Fit for Your Event


Your audience will relate to Mike’s passion for people and helping organizations. With 30 years in public speaking, 2500+ sales presentations, a leader to many community organizations he’s a proven business leader with deep real-world experiences.


Mike’s presentations are full of laughter, inspiration, interactive, fast-moving, and entertaining. Mike is one of the most interesting experiences your audience will have at any conference. Your audience will be fully engaged and be leaning forward in their seats.


Mike’s enthusiasm consistently inspires, motivates and empowers the audiences. He will deliver the “wow factor” your audience wants. Your guests will depart energized, fired up and ready to reach new heights that brings you bottom-line results you need.


Your audiences will be dazzled with high-resolution photography, energizing video clips, and memorable props. Each part of the presentation is emotionally charged with strategic concepts and key message for your audience to enjoy.


Mike will transform, inspire, motivate and empower your company or organization. He will make every minute count and provide your audience the practical tools to improve their performance. Mike believes doing whatever it takes to ensure your event is a roaring success.


With Emotionally charged stories that are highly impactful and provide an entertaining experience, Mike’s rich past delivers storytelling concepts that interweaves key strategic points and the right messages for your audience to enjoy.


As voted entrepreneur of the year by president Bush, with over 3000 talks worldwide, the world’s leading authority marketing agent and a leader to millions of people worldwide, Mike brings a fresh unique and compelling perspective.


Your audiences will leave inspired to take action with new ideas, practical and memorable examples, meaningful tools, frameworks, and techniques that can be immediately applied to the real-world challenges.


Mike takes the time to learn everything he can about your organization, the culture, the audience, and the key objectives you are looking to achieve. Mike’s custom presentation will be relevant, and on-point to your specific needs Instead of some type of “canned” speech.


Mike is a servant leader. He does not come with any type of diva-like requests or outrageous demands. Instead, He comes to serve and is always professional, accommodating, and easy to work with through every step of the process.

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